Who are we ?


We are delighted to welcome you to the GRIPFIT store !

This company was formed by three friends whose passion for football and sport in general takes an important place in their lives.

We have been playing sports and playing football almost every day of the week for many years, and every year it's the same story: Problems with blisters from new shoes, skin problems under the feet due to friction, to perspiration and humidity. Not to mention joint injuries such as sprains of the ankle or foot.


So we asked ourselves the question how to stop all these problems?


Having heard of non-slip socks, we did some more research on these before we got some to test. The effect was direct and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality, the comfort, the stability they provided compared to conventional socks.


It is for this reason that we have decided to market these non-slip socks in order to introduce you to a product that is gradually reaching the feet of athletes who require significant, frequent support, whether in team sports. , individual.

We strive every day to be present for professional and amateur athletes by helping them !!